I’ve had the opportunity to work on some incredible projects in the past years, and have also dedicated time to craft products of my own. The following showcases a few select work items.

Devtoast is an educational platform featuring video based content released weekly focusing on tools, best practices, tricks, and tips related to development.

Favela United

I was part of a team that helped create a long form experience for TSN called Favela United. This story documents the story of how a soccer charity is trying to rescue young women from a life of crime in the dangerous favelas.

The site leveraged videography, photography, CSS and the GreenSock Javascript library to create fluid and unique animations and transitions to help tell this incredible story.


Focuspocus allows for form processing for any type of website within a matter of a few simple steps. Emails are delivered within seconds, formatted beautifully.

Rep It Supply

Rep It Supply is an e-commerce website built on Shopify that sells tech focused and custom enamel pins. The site is clean, focuses on minimalism, and ensures a fast and accessible experience.

Rogers' Hometown Hockey

Hometown Hockey, Rogers' Canadian Hockey platform, has a custom built WordPress theme with various aspects enhanced using Angular JS. The website is fast and is available in both French and English to support the large hockey audience.